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India Greenlights Export of 900,000 Tonnes of Broken Rice to Five Nations

India Greenlights Export

The Indian government has sanctioned the export of approximately 9 lakh tonnes (lt) of broken rice to five different countries, along with over 34,000 tonnes of wheat and its products to Bhutan through the National Cooperative Exports Limited (NCEL). NCEL, in its export plans, has been granted permission to ship 15,226 tonnes of maida/semolina, 14,184 tonnes of wheat grain, 5,326 tonnes of wheat flour, and 48,804 tonnes of broken rice to Bhutan within the current year.

Specifically focusing on the export of broken rice, the cooperative has received authorization to export 5 lakh tonnes to Senegal and 50,000 tonnes to Gambia over a six-month period, according to a notification released. Additionally, NCEL has been granted consent to export approximately 2 lakh tonnes of broken rice to Indonesia and 1 lakh tonnes to Mali.

It's noteworthy that India had previously imposed a ban on wheat and broken rice exports as a measure to mitigate domestic inflationary pressures. However, certain exports have been permitted on a government-to-government basis, as exemplified by these recent allowances.

This move signals India's strategic shift in its export policy, potentially opening avenues for international trade collaborations while carefully managing its domestic market dynamics. As the nation balances its internal needs and global partnerships, these export permissions reflect a calibrated approach to trade facilitation.


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