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Who We Are

Vibaantta stands for reliability. We are a multi-trade organization Headquartered in Delhi (India) having offices in London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Paris (France), and presence in the US, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many other South-East Asian Countries. Our product range can be visibly seen in many African, European, and South American Countries. The core competency of Vibaantta has been in the fields of Marketing, Food, and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Multi-Commodity Trading, Trade Finance,  Health-Care, Events, and Promotions. Being in business for more than 9 years we have catered to a clientele ranging from Hospitals, Government Departments, Banking Institutions, Private Sector, and Public Sector for various Industries. With our Flagship brands Teal, Vision, Precision, and Venizia Gelatos and product range in Food, Agro, Minerals, and Fuel along with several other commodities we have helped our clients achieve the most difficult goals.

Paras Sachdev

Paras Sachdev

Founder & Director

"Since the day we opened our doors for business, our goal has only been to simplify businesses and their needs. Taking this approach we have created a worldwide network of trusted partners to take any product to any market. Our objective is to give businesses a platform where they can grow globally with the ease of doing business locally." 

Vibaantta Group of Companies

Established in 2013 Vibaantta Group of Companies comprises of

Vibaantta Media  (Delhi, India)

Engaged in Marketing, Public Relations, Design, Events, MICE, Trade Events, Media Buying and similar activities.

Vibaantta Global Private Limited (Delhi, and Maharashtra, India)

Engaged in Multi-Commodity Trading, Manufacturing, Import-Export, Financing, Project Facilitation, Bridge Financing, Transaction Structuring, and Financial Instruments for its Clients.

Vibaantta Global LLC (Dubai, UAE)

Engaged in Investments, Real-Estate, Multi-Commodity Trading, Project Financing, and Consulting.

Vibaantta Global UK Limited (London, United Kingdom)

Engaged in Hospitality, Retail, Multi-Commodity Trading, and Transaction Facilitation activities. 

Venezia Italian Artisan Ice Cream Private Limited (Delhi, India)

Engaged in the Food and Hospitality and Retail sector. 

Vibaantta through its network of channel partners also maintains an on-ground presence in South Carolina(USA), Nicaragua, Paris (France), Dakar (Senegal), Kampala (Uganda), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Hanoi City (Vietnam), Hong Kong, Beijing (China), Taiwan to make sure needs of our clients are met through highest levels of reliability and trust. 

Our Journey






Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

The inception of Vibaantta Group with a team of energetic Entrepreneurs takes upon the challenges of the Business world. 

After proving its success in the Indian Market, Vibaantta expands to London with its first International office in the United Kingdom.

After winning many Government Tenders  Vibaantta bags the mandate of International PR and representation office for the Middle East Region of its Govt. Clients which leads to expansion and branching out to Dubai, UAE which becomes the 2nd International office after London, UK.

Vibaantta expands its verticals with the launch of Venezia Gelato in 2018 and getting into manufacturing of Medical Equipments with its in house brands Teal, Vision and Precision focused to cater the needs of Hospitals, and medical institutions. 

Vibaantta is awarded many contracts to fulfill the requirements of many Middle Eastern and North American state and central government bodies, which leads to the expansion of the US and other countries. Since then Vibaantta operates in the Manufacturing and Trading of multiple commodities, supplying them to its clients around the world.

Vibaantta is a leading provider of services, technology, and products for the global market. We have been in business for 10 years and have been fortunate enough to partner with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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