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Anticipates Growth after Meeting Political & Economic Minister; Vibaantta Begins Shipments to Ghana

Paras Sachdev
Political & Economic Minister of Ghana and Vibaantta

Company Officials Discuss Prospects with Ghanaian Diplomat to Foster Bilateral Trade Relations

New Delhi, 14th Aug 2023 - Vibaantta Global Private Limited, a prominent player in the food industry, has commenced its shipments of parboiled rice to Ghana, marking a significant milestone in the company's expansion efforts. This comes nearly a year after Vibaantta's initial foray into the Ghanaian market in November 2022, and the company is poised for further growth and collaboration in the West African nation.

Mr. Paras Sachdev, the Director of Vibaantta Global Private Limited, recently held a crucial meeting with Mr. Ernest Nana Adjei, Minister Counsellor Political & Economic, Ghana High Commission in New Delhi. The meeting aimed to explore opportunities for business expansion and discuss the ease of doing business for companies operating in Ghana.

The commencement of parboiled rice shipments to Ghana underscores Vibaantta's commitment to diversifying its product offerings and expanding its global footprint. Parboiled rice, known for its nutritional value and quality, is expected to cater to the culinary preferences of the Ghanaian populace.

Speaking about this development, Mr. Sachdev expressed his enthusiasm for the burgeoning trade relationship between Vibaantta and Ghana, saying, "We are delighted to take this step forward in strengthening our presence in the Ghanaian market. Ghana has shown great potential for our products, and we are committed to delivering high-quality parboiled rice that meets the preferences of local consumers."

The initial shipment of parboiled rice to Ghana last year laid the foundation for a promising business relationship. Ghana's growing economy and its emphasis on agricultural development have created favorable conditions for companies like Vibaantta to thrive. The company aims to capitalize on this opportunity by further expanding its product range and distribution network in the country.

During the meeting with Mr. Adjei, Mr. Sachdev discussed various aspects of conducting business in Ghana, including regulatory requirements, trade policies, and potential areas of collaboration with local businesses. The Ghanaian diplomat welcomed Vibaantta's interest in the Ghanaian market and assured Mr. Sachdev of the government's support in facilitating business operations.

Both sides expressed optimism about the future of their trade relations and discussed the possibility of exploring other agricultural and food products for export to Ghana.

As Vibaantta Global Private Limited embarks on this new phase of its business journey, it remains committed to providing top-quality food products while contributing to the economic growth and development of Ghana. The company's expansion into the Ghanaian market not only enhances bilateral trade relations but also presents exciting opportunities for consumers in Ghana to enjoy the finest quality parboiled rice from Vibaantta.


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