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H.E. Mustapha Jawara, Gambia High Commissioner & Vibaantta Discuss Business Opportunities in Gambia

Paras Sachdev meeting Gambia Ambassador
H.E. Mr. Mustapha Jawara High Commissioner of Gambia and Paras Sachdev

New Delhi, August 30, 2023 - In a significant development aimed at boosting bilateral trade and economic ties between India and Gambia, His Excellency Mustapha Jawara, the Ambassador of the Republic of Gambia to India, met with Mr. Paras Sachdev, the Managing Director of Vibaantta Global Private Limited, a leading Indian rice exporter. The meeting, held in New Delhi, focused on exploring business opportunities in Gambia's rice market and enhancing economic cooperation. Vibaantta Global Private Limited has earned a reputation as one of India's premier rice exporters, specializing in a wide variety of rice products, including Parboiled Rice, Broken Rice, and Long Grain Rice. The company has a strong track record of exporting high-quality rice products to various international markets, and its desire to expand its reach in West Africa has led to this strategic engagement with the Gambian Embassy. Mr. Paras Sachdev, the driving force behind Vibaantta Global's expansion efforts, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential collaboration with Gambia. He said, "The Gambia plays an important role in our expansion strategy into the Western Africa market. We are keen to explore the dynamic rice market in Gambia and believe that our high-quality rice products can make a significant contribution to the country's food security and economic growth." During the meeting, Ambassador Mustapha Jawara welcomed Mr. Sachdev's interest in the Gambian market and expressed optimism about the prospects of collaboration. Ambassador Jawara highlighted Gambia's growing demand for rice, making it an attractive destination for Indian rice exporters. He stated, "Gambia values its economic relations with India, and we believe that partnerships like this one with Vibaantta Global Private Limited can be mutually beneficial, fostering economic growth and prosperity in both countries." Gambia's import of rice has been steadily increasing over the years, reflecting the country's efforts to meet its domestic demand and reduce reliance on rice imports from distant countries. India, as one of the world's largest rice producers, is well-positioned to provide high-quality rice products at competitive prices to meet Gambia's growing requirements. The meeting concluded with both parties expressing their commitment to further discussions and collaborations. The potential partnership between Vibaantta Global and the Gambian market holds the promise of not only enhancing economic ties between India and Gambia but also contributing to the food security and agricultural development of the Gambian people. As India and Gambia work together to explore new business opportunities, this partnership could mark the beginning of a fruitful economic relationship that benefits both nations and strengthens the ties between them.

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