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India Leads the Way as Top Rice Exporting Country in the World 2022/2023

Top rice exporting country in the world

New Delhi, October 5, 2023 - India has solidified its position as the world's premier rice-exporting nation, with a staggering export volume of 21.5 million metric tons during the 2022/2023 fiscal year. This impressive feat firmly places India at the forefront of the global rice trade.

According to recent export data, India's rice exports outpaced its closest competitors by a significant margin. Thailand, the second-largest rice exporter, managed to ship approximately 8.2 million metric tons of rice worldwide during the same period, illustrating India's dominance in the market. Other notable rice-exporting nations included Vietnam (6.8 million metric tons), Pakistan (3.8 million metric tons), Burma (2.4 million metric tons), China (2.2 million metric tons), the United States (2.075 million metric tons), Cambodia (1.6 million metric tons), Brazil (1.1 million metric tons), and Uruguay (900,000 metric tons).

The data underscores India's remarkable ability to produce and export rice on an unprecedented scale, highlighting its pivotal role in global food security and trade.

Global Rice Supply Continues to Grow

Over the past few years, the global rice supply has remained robust, consistently exceeding 700 million metric tons of milled equivalent annually. Projections for 2022 indicated a steady increase in milled rice production, reaching nearly 510 million metric tons worldwide. Notably, among the numerous rice varieties, U.S. California medium-grain rice commanded the highest export price, while India's 25% rice held the distinction of having the lowest average export price per ton in 2021.

The growing global rice supply is a testament to the efforts of major rice-producing nations, particularly India, which has played a pivotal role in meeting the world's increasing demand for this staple grain.

Global Rice Consumption on the Rise

Rice consumption worldwide has seen significant growth over the past decade, with consumption levels surging by more than 65 million metric tons between 2008 and 2021. In 2021/2022, the top three consumers of rice were China, India, and Vietnam. China, in particular, stood out by consuming approximately 155 million metric tons of rice during that year, solidifying its position as the largest consumer of this essential food staple.

This remarkable increase in rice consumption underscores the importance of rice as a dietary staple for billions of people across the globe. As rice continues to play a critical role in global food security, India's exceptional performance in rice exports remains vital in ensuring that the world's population has access to this fundamental source of nutrition.

In conclusion, India's status as the leading rice-exporting country in the world is a testament to its agricultural prowess and global significance in ensuring a stable food supply for millions. With a consistently high export volume, India remains a vital player in the international rice market, contributing to global food security and economic stability.


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